Drop Bottle Stand

Finally we can sort our Drop Bottles.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-12-10 | update: 2021-12-26


In recent weeks, I have added some new colors to my collection. This has to do with the fact that I am more involved with my modeling hobby and would like to professionalize. I want to get better, but I also want to keep open the possibility of maybe someday being able to pay my rent and eat with my hobby. Being professional means, for example, working with your materials every day. If you do something as a hobby, you can throw all your tools and materials into a box, which then sits at the bottom of the closet or under the bed. Once or twice a month, you take out the box and tinker with a good idea.

When you go from a hobby to a job, it becomes more difficult. You work with your materials every day and for that they have to be sorted. They need to be in easily accessible places, without you having to get up from your desk, for example. Many streamers and video creators have racks on the walls where they put their drop bottles. Unfortunately I don’t have the space and more importantly I don’t have the money for a rack at the moment. So I have to come up with a stopgap solution again. The filament rolls of a 3D printer are perfect for this. I’m sure something can be built with them.

I then spent a day researching on the internet and looking at how other people solve this problem. Many use 3D printed components with which they build a drop bottle stand. That’s what I thought about at first, but it took me too long. If I have to wait 40 hours for all the parts, I’m working too long on the project. Implementing projects professionally also means being able to work under time pressure. I am also a very impatient person and a human who needs to optimize processes. So I could rule out the possibility of using 3D printed components. That day, my roommate came into my room and asked me if I wanted some old plastic parts. They were lamps to hang up. Pretty cheaply produced in Asia. So these things would quickly break and no longer work. With these cones I could do something.


I had collected all the materials in the last few weeks. The filament spools I had not thrown away, because I can still use something like that later. As a maker, you learn pretty quickly what can be used later and what really belongs in the trash can. In the photo you can only see Army Painter and Vallejo1 colors, but I also have Citadel colors. But these are in these super impractical and ugly little pots and are decanted into regular drop bottles. I’ve already ordered these, but they won’t arrive until January2.


First, I drilled a few holes in one side of the filament spool with a cone drill for testing. This worked pretty well, because the material of the spool is both strong and soft. I didn’t measure anything, but worked freely by eye. At one point I left some space so that I can touch the filament spool there with my hand. This is important when I want to put the drop bottle stand on my work table. I also didn’t use a specific size for the holes, but just made sure that the drop bottles fit in well. The drop bottles have a super interesting center of gravity and when you drop them loosely into the holes, they almost swing back into a vertical position by themselves.

I then transferred the holes to the second spool using a yellow acrylic marker. Another bright pen should also work. But it should be at least silver or white. A pencil, black marker or ballpoint pen will not work as well. I used clamps to keep the markings in place. But that should also go without brackets to the emergency.

To ensure that the machined filament spools lay level on the cones, I used a spirit level. As with other materials or tools. This works quite well without it. This is not a project where the filament sppols have to sit 100% perfectly. After that I glued everything with super glue and put it on the windowsill to dry.

After drying, I noticed something. When I wanted to put the drop bottles in the upper spool I noticed that the height is different from the other role. The first role is a house brand of Amazon. The second role is the Eono brand. Is I think, also a house brand of Amazon. Anyway, both rolls have a different width and the drop bittles no longer fit inside. As a German I always assume that all components and products are standardized and uniformly built. Of course, this is not true in reality. unfortunately, I had forgotten that. So I had to break apart the whole construction and come up with a new solution.

I sawed apart the second filament spool with a hacksaw3. Then I took only the layer with the holes and glued it to the rest of the construction. As glue I used super glue again. Although I then have a total of only three layers, but that should be enough at the moment. still I do not have so many colors that I have to worry about this problem. So there is still room in the inventory.

After the glue was dry, I went to the basement to paint the construction. I didn’t use primer but just painted everything with chrome spray paint. Chrome always works best when you don’t feel like painting something elaborate.


I’m not satisfied with the result. The fact that I didn’t pay attention at the one point made the whole project awful for me. I am super strict with myself when I make mistakes. Also the surfaces of the fialemnt spools are not quite clean and perfect. I didn’t get the stickers off properly and they left weird patterns on the sprayed surface. I don’t like that either. Also not all holes fit and very few individual bottles are then crooked. This is just a small detail and normal people can definitely overlook this. It stresses me out a lot and I have to rebuild it all over again.

But. I have built a first version that serves its purpose. All drop bottles are now sorted and gathered in one place. I even have room for 13 bottles. Overall, however, the design is only functional and does not meet my taste. Nevertheless, I have instead of new materials used old remnants and thus a little save the environment . So I have already achieved a small goal. Maybe I can inspire other people with this project to build their own drop bottle stand instead of buying something new.


  1. Vallejo colors come neither from England nor from Asia, but from Spain. This is within Europe and so I can be sure that these can be delivered to Germany faster than other colors brands. Army Painter colors come from Denmark (in Europe) but are not so good for my projects.↩︎

  2. What many people don’t understand, because they think business is boring, is that there are still difficulties with the supply chain at the moment. But what is a supply chain? Ann, Bob and Peter want to produce something together. Ann builds the electrical parts and computer chips. Bob builds the case and Peter sells it in his online store. Ann has now problems to build the electrical parts and gets behind schedule, so she can’t deliver the parts just in time. As a result, Bob builds the enclosures but can’t combine them with the required components and Peter can’t sell anything because he is waiting for the products. Problems with the supply chain can have many causes. For example, when a country leaves an economic region. Sometimes the problem also has political causes and countries then notice their dependencies on each other too late. Or simply too many people die who are necessary to produce these components. Even then, difficulties can arise. Our global economic system has become so complex that there are billions of dependencies that can be disrupted by the slightest disturbance. This is happening right now. That’s why I’m ordering more in bulk, because I don’t know when the products will be available again. So I ordered 50 drop bottles right away.↩︎

  3. Unfortunately, I do not yet have a large saw and I have to put me times on the wish list. You can also saw plastic with a hacksaw for metal, but you should not because that should not be so good for the saw. But I have not yet investigated this more closely and checked.↩︎

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