Deodorant Palette

A Artists Painters Palette from old Deodorant Parts.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-11-09 | update: 2021-12-26


I love to build something new out of materials that should be thrown in the trash and thus extend the life of the actual disposable product. Of course, I could just stop buying these products, but that’s not my style. Today I did the second test for my oil washes project and realized that I don’t have any disposable cardboard cups and won’t buy them1. Still, I have to mix the oil paint in some kind of container. I didn’t want to buy a plastic or metal palette either, because that’s just another new product in my collection. Why not build a crude prototype from an old deodorant can.


I took the deodorant can from the soft button project that I had put in a trash box. This material is super easy to work with, but there are a few rules to keep in mind. Yes, it is dangerous to pierce a deodorant can with a pointed object. You can slip with the pointed object and hurt yourself. But that is not the real danger. When you pierce a deodorant can, the propellant gas escapes, which is responsible for your perfume coming out of the can. You must not inhale this, so only open cans in a well-ventilated area of your home or preferably outside in the garden. Also, this propellant gas is highly flammable. So you should not smoke or hold the can up to an ignition source when opening it. You should also not inhale the propellant gas. The gas is toxic and can hurt you badly. Otherwise, not much can happen.



To pierce the deodorant can I took a rip needle, because it is stable enough. A kitchen knife might be too unstable. A hunting knife or good pocket knife should work better. After all the gas has escaped from the can, I use regular scissors to roughly cut out the can. Then I cut out the edges. i created a 3D model in Freecad and printed it out. paying attention to the following. The pallet holder has extra no bottom. This way, if I want to clean the metal, for example, I can take it out of the frame and wash it separately. If the metal is broken by something, I can keep the frame and only have to throw the metal in the trash. It’s the same the other way around. This is a better way to separate the materials. i worked in the 0, millimeter range so you have to press the metal into the frame with a little more force from below. This saves me glue because I don’t have to glue anything. Glue is also toxic and sucks for the environment, so it’s better to do without it right from the start in product design, if possible.


At the bottom of the deodorant can is always printed when it was produced. Since that comes off with solvent, we will clean that before. We don’t want our ink to be contaminated by other printer ink. For this we take an ear stick and nail polish remover. These materials can be bought cheaply at the Dollar Store. With them we can clean the surface within a few seconds.


With this project I want to show that product design can be super simple if you listen to your needs. It’s also an advantage if you keep your project simple and minimal. If this idea is good, word will spread and more people who paint tabletop terrain or minis might add this to their list of working materials. Of course this doesn’t solve our common problem that our product design per se is not well thought out, but it is a step in the right direction to not always throw everything into the trash can too fast. Download the deodorant palette stl files.


Send us a comment and we will send you the .am file(s).


  1. So far I’ve been using ceramic egg cups, but my roommates want them back in a clean condition.↩︎

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