The Wall

Tabletop Model Study.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-12-26 | update: 2021-12-26


The wall is one of my first models in which I had combined different techniques that I had learned at the time. Dry brushing, a very simple washing and a few Tuffs brighten up this very simple scene. When I built it, I thought of an old farmhouse, which I knew from my home village. Although there was no stone wall made of natural stone, but bricks, but I changed that in a creative decision. I liked the natural stones better and I can imagine this gate on an old mountain hut. Unlike my other models, the wall is made of real materials, but it is also a little heavier and thus looks authentic. As a base I took a spatula, which is used by doctors during a mouth and throat examination. The shape of the spatula fit my idea. Also the wooden gate is made of real wood that I took from another project. The colors are all from Army Painter as I didn’t know the difference between mini and terrain paint yet. Overall, I really like the model and it sits on a small shelf above my work table. At the moment I can’t see it that good, but I’m sure I’ll find a better place. Whenever I feel a bit melancholic I look at the gate and imagine myself walking through it. Into a beautiful front garden with apple trees, cats and a small hedge.

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