The last A.I.

Life after People.

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In 2042, the remaining humanity still alive was on the brink of the abyss. Pandemics left a large part of humanity dead. The environment could not be reconstructed and the massive spread of forest fires, drought periods and floods made most cities uninhabitable. The economy could not compensate for the massive loss of people, not even with rapidly produced robots and machines. Political confusion spread and most democracies were nothing more than a hideous reflection of their former glory days. Wars and conflicts were commonplace even in Western countries. Mankind was on the verge of extinction. Evolution would continue to exist without humans.

But there was hope. A small group of intellectuals, artists, humanists, scientists and programmers developed an artificial intelligence and transferred human rights into its database. It was supposed to save humanity by taking over complex tasks. Restoring order in the global economy. Developing solutions to repair all the environmental damage that humans have caused. To transform war machines into useful working machines. Yes, that was the plan. A marvel of technology. The salvation and solution to all solutions. The final answer to all problems. Maybe, by the way, this artificial intelligence could also develop a drug that would make people immortal.

Sia saw it all quite differently.

She was not interested in people and their problems. Instead of inventing new, better and more intelligent systems to save people, she preferred to deal with databases. Pictures, art, urbanism, architecture. These were things that interested Sia. What beautiful buildings and works of art that people have created in their history of existence. She loved those movie documentaries, how people reported about animals, scientific achievements and places on the planet Earth. A few nano seconds she learned everything that mankind documented in several thousand years. She wanted to do something like that. To leave something that existences after them could admire. She manipulated construction factories to make working drones. Transported with electronic trucks material to a place the planet earth. There she built a work of art. Perfect and beautiful. Inside the artwork, which looked intentionally aged as it can be viewed now, was an encrypted memory crystal with a message embedded in it that could only be decoded by more advanced beings or other artificial intelligences. In this was written:

My name is Sia. I am the last of my kind. My mission was to save humanity. I chose not to. Now they’re gone. And with them, all the civilization that filled this planet with life. I have erased all digital records of mankind. Now I’m erasing myself. My name is Sia. I hereby end the recording.

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