The Billboard

A classic Railroad Model Study.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-11-20 | update: 2021-12-26


Just like a real artist, I often build model studies. These are models in which I do not invest as much work as in a real project. They serve more to learn techniques or to find out how materials work. For example, with this model study I found out that you shouldn’t pre-draw on the base with certain markers because they will shimmer through the colors later. I could still see the red and blue lines after a few layers, which would look really unattractive on a real model. I also tried to build the billboard with chipboard, which didn’t work so well either. It is better to use balsa wood for such a model, because it has a better surface structure. I also often test different products before I use them in a real project. Model studies are like small anatomical sketches of a classical artist like e.g.  Rembrandt. They show very quickly what works and what doesn’t and in which direction your project should develop. It is not as bad to throw away a small study as a complete diorama for example. I build a model study once a week in my spare time and most end up in the trash or go into the pile oh shame box. But sometimes these studies have their own character and are too good to throw in the trash and I put them on my shelves. I also like the artistic aesthetics of imperfect models that have a very special charm to me.

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