Galaxy S4 Study

A classic Product Design Study.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-10-24 | update: 2021-12-26


After school I started an apprenticeship as a product designer and advertising specialist but dropped out after two years due to personal reasons. That was and is not my world. Nevertheless, I drift into this direction in my private projects every now and then when I want to learn something. For example, I had an idea for a Samsung Galaxy S4, but I didn’t want to use my own smartphone. So I built this Samsung Galaxy S4 study out of Dollar Store plastic board for the kitchen, putty and a lot of time. By doing this, I was able to teach myself some new old techniques that will lead me to build better models. In total I worked on the model for six months and a lot of studies about color, material and surfaces were made. I am only partially satisfied with the result, because I could have sanded the surface much more, but I didn’t have the money for the material at that time. Now I don’t want to work on it because I’m afraid of destroying the paint. So I decided to leave it imperfect and enjoy its aesthetics. There is only one mistake I am really annoyed about and that is that I never wrote down the paint and I could never remember what color it was.

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