Edna’s Room

Where is Harvey?

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Edna’s room is from the computer game: Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, which I started playing. The story is great and I like the comic style. Since I was looking for a new project at the time, I thought I would recreate the room. But this one was too comic for me, so I got inspired by the other computer game: The Evil Within. The mashup turned out pretty well and I like the result. Since this was one of my first dioramas, I used a lot of cardboard and less Foamcore. For the chair and table legs, I used Popsicle Sticks and ear sticks from the dollar store. For the elements on legs, I glued on bed pearls. This fit great from the format. The upholstery of the chair is an old sponge and as colors I used only dollar store acrylic paints. I like the gloomy atmosphere of the room even if that is not so extremely represented in the computer game.

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