Construction Materials

Little Workers Diorama.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2022-01-03 | update: 2022-01-03


I come from a working class family. My mother a blacksmith and my father a carpenter. My grandmother is a master tailor and my grandfather a farmer. I get along very poorly with workers and have only made an education as an IT specialist for application development to do my family a favor. I always wanted to become something else. Student. Independent. Own responsibility. Physical work is not my thing and when I see workers on a construction site, I always have to think about the broken backs and intervertebral discs that these people will have by the time they are forty at the latest. I prefer to think and invent solutions for current problems at my desk. But sometimes I build a small worker diorama with a wooden pallet, metal cables and pipes without thinking. Because workers have to build my house, take away my garbage and work in the factory for my high standard of living. Our philosophy of the working world is broken, and so are the backs of the workers.

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