Cadian Heroes Monument

A classic Warhammer 40K Terrain Build.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-11-18 | update: 2021-12-26



This project I developed spontaneously and consists of a large amount of kitbash parts. I had an idea for a Cadian heroes monument but could not decide on a story. So I took the founding story of Rome as a model. In which Romolus and Remus play a tragic role. This monument was built on the jungle planet Prosan in the Cadian sector and honors the two Cadian twin brothers Remus and Rumas. This planet was used for training and airlifting soldiers once a month. The survivors of the previous month are then picked up again. On this jungle planet there are non-lethal plants, animals and chemicals. The trainees must fend for themselves, defend themselves, and also protect themselves against internal intrigue. This intrigue is based on the first group in which Remus and Rumas were involved. The group was so decimated that only the two soldiers remained. They became so paranoid due to the stressful situation that they ended up shooting each other with their lasguns just before the date of the pickup. The second group honors (and at the same time warns) the following groups that in battle even one’s own twin brother can become a danger. Since the destruction of Cadia Prime by the 13th Black Crusade the planet is no longer approached…nevertheless, according to internal data a group of trainees should still be on the planet. Names of the trained soldiers could not be reconstructed until now.

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