Skull Ashtray

Smoking Kills!

creator: x14km2d | build: 2022-01-13 | update: 2022-01-13


Sometimes there are things that I repaint so that they look a little better again. You can do that with many objects, but most people prefer to throw something away and then buy something new. My roommate is a smoker and has a skull ashtray that she has used for years. After all these years, it looked really rotten and she asked me if I could repaint it. She also wanted it to look more like a store-bought gothic ashtray. Black with white shades. A very simple design. She also asked me to remove the old USB board, because it’s already broken. For the job I get a box with Fritz Cola Zero.

Pre Work

To make the skull ashtray as clean as possible before work, I emptied it out and washed it in the dishwasher. Then I took the cover off the USB hub and built it out of the ashtray. Even though it’s supposed to be broken, I’m still keeping the USB hub and will take a closer look at it later. In the next step, I use a wire brush to remove the remaining glue residue and clean everything else. After that I glue the cover with superglue.

Now we just have to glue the old USB porst. Actually, I first thought of filling them with a modeling clay, so that looks better, but then decided otherwise. So that the holes are not clogged too much, I glue simple plastic from my old plastic kitbash box on and then paint that with over. Almost no one sees that, because that is in a place where only the fewest look. In addition, I can then later maybe still build something in the skull ashtray, should I think of something good.

Paint Job

The paint job is pretty simple. We first prime the whole skull ashtray with a black primer. I used Citadel Chaos Black because one of my dealers in Germany has it in stock right now, so it’s cheaper for me than other brands. I also don’t have time to try different primers right now, even though Citadel is disproportionately more expensive than alternative products. You can use plain acrylic paint, though. For the first dry brush I used Longbeard Grey, which I applied with a powder brush. Then came the highlights with Praxeti White to highlight the contours and eye catcher spots. After that, the ashtray looks like a purchased product again and my roommate can then use this for the next ten years.

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