Inquisition Insignia

How to paint the 3D printed 40K Inquisition Insignia.

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I am currently working on a project for which I need several Insignia of the Warhammer 40K Inquisition. Since I have to paint several insignia I have optimized and prepared my workflow. So that this could be interesting for people who read my website, I have written down this paint job as a tutorial.The goal of this tutorial is to show how you can do a paint job quickly and cleanly, if you need, for example, several insignia for a cosplay. This is not about creativity or individual ideas.

Paint Job

Before we can start the paint job we need to get the 3D model of the Insignia and print it out. Since I set my printer to 0.1mm, I don’t have to do as much rework. Only the forehead of the skull has to be sanded again briefly with a nail file.

After that, our actual paint job begins. Using a cheap bristle brush, we prime the Insignia with black Dollar store acrylic paint. This doesn’t have to be neat, just roughly cover the model. We will apply several layers and this will not be seen later.

Now we apply the red. I chose a crimson red from the dollar store. Since I will be painting some of these Insignia, I refrained from using expensive acrylic paint at this point. We apply all the colors undiluted, unlike a mini where we should dilute.

The brown acrylic paint is also from the dollar store and is applied undiluted, For this we now take a medium-sized normal hair brush. We apply a little more brown paint on our palette, because we will mix it later with white.

I have created here a very simple sketch of how we will paint the skull. First comes the whole brown color with which the whole skull is painted. Then we mix brown with white and lighten the color. This is applied so that at the edge or in deep places no color is used. Now we mix again the brown color with white and lighten it. Now we paint only the areas that should be highlighted in the middle. Now we do this one last time with a whole light brown or bone white if you want to use expensive colors. In the last step we paint the eyes and the nasal cavity black and apply a washing. Done. If you want, you can make the teeth of the skull completely white. But this is a matter of personal taste.

Here we see the completely painted skull. Unfortunately, my digital camera (and lights) are not so good and you can not see the individual gradations of the mixed colors.

For the golden color we take the metallic bright gold from Army Painter. Instead of applying the super slow with a fine brush I use an ear stick. So you can apply the raven faster and it does not matter if something goes wrong, because that is painted over again in the penultimate step with black acrylic paint.

With the golden color we paint the border that is highlighted from the Insignia. I deliberately let the black background color shimmer through the gold in some places and work there a little deliberately unclean, so that it looks more used. This makes it more authentic, because no one in the Warhammer universe walks around with highly polished armor.

Now we use the black acrylic paint again and touch up all the messy spots. We do this with a thin hair brush, which is a rather expensive model. At this point I also leave myself in a bit more time.

In the last step we apply the Army Painter Soft Tone Washing, which goes well with the skull. We then let that dry and can use that for our cosplay or other maker project. All in all, you can allow a full day for 12 Insignia. But over time you learn to work faster and cleaner, like a speed run in a computer game. After three models, your brain has learned what signals to send to your body to make the right movements.

Tips and Tricks

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