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At the weekend, two friends were visiting and we have celebrated together New Year’s Eve. I still got a belated Christmas gift. A black acrylic paint from Japan. Since I have never worked with this color, I start here this series of experiments with different black colors. Whether it is the blackest black or simple primers. Here you will find everything that has to do with black pigments.

Musou Black (Shin-kokushokumusou)

Mosou black is a water-based acrylic paint. This is to absorb up to 94%-98% of the visible light and thus look particularly dark and black. A friend of mine brought this paint as a belated Christmas present. There are some online videos in which with this color, for example, the darkest room in the world is built. This is all quite funny, but I am much more interested in how I can incorporate this product into my modeling projects.

Not knowing anything about the paint or its properties, I put together my standard kit. Disposable ink brushes from Japan and pipettes to transport the paint. In addition, I had disposable gloves and baking paper not to make my workplace dirty.

Unlike the online videos, I wasn’t planning on painting apples or cars with the paint. I decided to use a Kitbash object. This also has the following reason. With a Kitbash object it happens in almost all cases that one works with different materials. This can be different plastics, wood, cardboard or even cork. I was interested in whether Mosou black can also exist well on different surfaces. Sometimes it can be that with weakly pigmented colors, for example, a bright filament shines through. I had that with my orange filament quite often and could sort out quite well, which products are not suitable as a primer.

The first experience I had to make is that Mosou black is quite viscous. This is ok, if it also limits the working range of the paint. I did not check if you can dilute the paint and if that also affects the pigment strength of the paint. I had a hard time using the eyedropper and the Japanese disposable ink brush didn’t work at all. But I could at least use the upper part of the brush to apply the paint. The consistency of the paint is good and can be used for interesting art objects. What I also noticed positively, the Mosou black does not smell as strong as other comparable products.

The opacity is really incredible. Whether I painted a red or white plastic part, the paint developed a completely even surface after drying. I could only see a difference when the structure of the object was different. This is super interesting and handy when painting wood next to a plastic object, for example. Unfortunately, since Mosou black is water-based, the paint is not waterproof and you can scrape it off the plastic again. To bind the paint completely to an object you have to use a clear varnish. But this is not a problem with a kitbash or a mini object, because you should use a varnish before oil washing at the latest.

Overall, my first test worked really well. Since I am experienced enough to apply paint evenly to objects, the result is much better. On the Kitbash object, I only used one base layer and it looks good. Also, the fact that I used seven different types of plastic was not visible at the end. Another interesting observation I made. Mosou black seems to leave a very fine layer of pigment. This is almost invisible when you run your finger over the object but can cause problems if you use a white glove to touch the object, for example. However, this information is really only important for professional modelers or artists.

After painting some other objects, I was able to do a second test that interested me. Can Mosou black also be drybrushed? I used my classic wooden walls for this and the result turned out really well. As a dry brush I used the Praxeti White from Castell. If you apply the black color with a brush you have a very light ductus that you can not see with the naked eye. But when you apply a very light dry brush it comes out and makes the surface of the object incredibly interesting. I really like this and overall I am satisfied with Mosou black.

So far I have not found an exact application, because in contrast to America cost 100ml in Germany €50 and that is really a very high price. So I will not use Mosou black for my modeling projects, but already have some ideas to use them in art objects, because these are located rather in the higher-priced segment.

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