Temple of the Atomic Goddess

A long Term Architecture Project.

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There are many projects ide I have in the drawer and are very close to my heart. Unfortunately, these are mostly long-term projects that may never be realized. In the field of architecture I have some projects that I will present here little by little. I’m not an architect and I don’t plan to study it, because I work on the principle of renaissance, that some people can concentrate on several branches of the arts when they simply have too many ideas in their head that need to go public. This project is a monument that I had in mind at some point. Through my 3D printer I was able to transform this shadowy idea into a concrete model.

Right now, nuclear energy is again being framed as green energy because man would prefer to counter the fact of climate change with excuses. Green nuclear energy promises that we can keep all the achievements of civilization and do not have to change our lifestyle. We simply continue to waste as much energy as we did before, and much more, because if we build green nuclear power plants in areas where we don’t live, nothing can happen. What we do not see does not exist.

Man is afraid of responsibility. I am afraid of nuclear energy. When I saw the terrible pictures of the Chernobyl desaster, how workers protected with lead plates, tried to remove the debris from the reactor of the nuclear power plant with brooms and shovels and fell like flies from a hot plate, these pictures were burned into my childish head. When in Fukushima by a technical or human error a nuclear catastrophe took place I found myself in a repetition of the childhood secrets experienced by me.

This monument is the symbolic image not only for the deceased people killed by nuclear energy, but also a warning to our children not to listen to what their parents tell them. It is the possible future we will live in if we continue to chase the belief in green nuclear energy and listen to the fortune-telling fairy tales of the industry and politicians. Nuclear energy is black energy and will never become green.


The model is a rough draft of my idea, which I will try to implement in the future. I used a simple base of chipboard to glue 3D printed components. The complete model was primed in tan and provided with a brown oil wash. This is to represent the pollution caused by nuclear energy. How this idea with the pollution can be implemented in reality, is not yet assessable.


Man went through the gate of life by his evultionary creation. In the monument this is the place with the small square gate. It simbolizes our past through which our ancestors passed to become what we are today. The scientific man.

In the center is the actual temple of the monument. Framed by a simple wall in the center stands a classic renaissance women statue. She was deliberately modeled on an ancient goddess in terms of clothing, which here represents the goddess of the atom. In the left hand the statue holds the book of science, in which all data, facts, historical events about atomic energy were recorded without judgment. In the left hand the statue holds a simple staff with a skull representing the negative properties of atomic energy. Cancer, environmental pollution and human suffering. Instead of a head, the goddess has an atomic blast on her shoulders. This simbolizes the warlike past of atomic energy and with what actual goal it was developed. The mushroom cloud reminds of the countless dead of the atomic bombs and tests.

All in all, the center of the monument is the actual present of man. Even if we consider the beginnings of atomic energy as a past already now, it is nevertheless a technological present, which is also represented here so in the monument.

The two pillars below are the near future of human beings. On the left side is the pillar of responsibility. This reminds us humans that all technological developments and achievements will also have an impact on our societies. It also reminds us that this responsibility includes other living beings and the environment. We have the responsibility not only for ourselves, but also for everything else in the universe that is within our sphere of influence.

The right pillar is the pillar of power. If we continue to build nuclear power plants, we will be able to use even more energy to develop even more powerful machines and technologies. An almost unlimited cornucopia of energy. We will mature into an even more powerful being and will be able to subjugate even more of the Earth, maybe even the whole solar system or parts of our Galaxy. But at what price? what will be the cost of this power of this new green nuclear energy? Who will pay for it. We? our children or future generations to come? The two columns represent the near future in which man will make a decision.

The ring is the distant future of man. Indeterminate and unreal as a construct uniform in the universe represented in a circle. Since the human being can make only with difficulty prognoses to the distant future, this has been interpreted very simply figuratively. Man can go through it as a human being. What happens shortly before, when passing through or shortly afterwards nobody can know, except the person who passes through. We, the people of the present, will never become a part of these thoughts, feelings and sensations when the person of the future will go through this ring. But we have in the now of the present the possibility to influence the future people with our decisions.

The monument is a lienar construct, therefore it is recommended to consider it as a history and to walk through it from the front (gate - past) to the back (ring - distant future).


My favorite location for the monument would be in an accessible position in the Atacama Desert. There, the monument can not only last longer due to the dry climatic conditions, but also has a suitable setting to encourage people to think. Whether this is feasible in relation, can not be estimated yet. Not only for visitors but also for the workers the Atacama Desert in Chile might be a difficult place. Since I have not yet visited the Atacama Desert, I can not yet estimate. But it should still be doable when I look at e.g.  Atacama Cosmology Telescope.


There are many risks that must be considered in such a large project. Many of these risks can be minimized with scientific information and feasibility studies. Specialists, such as architects, geologists and other scientists can also help to minimize the risks. However, there is still a very large residual risk. Time. In such a long-term project, time is of the essence. How do social, political and religious situations change? How will material be procured, who will finance and better yet how will this project finance itself. What happens when money is suddenly no longer worth anything? There are risks that can be faced and risks that can only be roughly guessed. At this point in time, this can only be estimated very roughly. In order to be able to limit the risks of the project, this would have to be deepened in a first expert discussion with an architect.


Since this is a humanity project, either an anonymous individual investor or investment group is sought. At this point in time, this can only be estimated very roughly. In order to be able to limit the finacial risks of the project, this would have to be deepened in a first expert discussion with an (or more) business magnate(s).

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