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A.76 - Bad News Media Article End

A.76.a1 - Bad News Media

I went out to a restaurant today and it was really bad. You can simply say that it is the worst restaurant in my city. Actually, I wanted to blog about what was bothering me and I wanted to find out some things. With books and computer games. I only write about products I really liked. I have almost 400 games and a lot of books but most of them are just bad or I just don't like them. Should you write about them? No. I would rather write about the great books etc. and that has worked quite well so far. I don't have so many entries but I only specialize in the ones I really like. A negative criticism does not bring anybody anything. Instead of criticizing, I want to offer solutions in the future. I have noticed that I often wrote about negative things in my articles. Does that help? No! Because short message community in most cases I gave up before. Therefore I will delete some articles from my blog. If I want to write something negative I can also do it on short message community, because its just an internet denunciation anyway and there are no reasonable discussions or solutions. The short message community's are an internet rage machine. Nothing more. My Zettelkasten and my website should not be an internet rage machine. I want to improve the world, offer solutions and give hope. Of course Im not stupid enough to believe that the bad, negative and evil will disappear from the world if I stop blogging about it, but maybe i can get people to think like me, because we can.


A.76.a2 - News are bad for Me

In 2019 I thought a lot about news. Where it has taken us, how journalists have developed in the digital field, etc. Unfortunately my picture is a very bad one. I have noticed on myself that news is not good for me. Helplessness, negative feelings and aggression have often occurred when I have read articles in well-known on line media. This also applies to social media. As I described, social networks are internet rage machines that I will use less in the year 20. I still want to stay friends with digital acquaintances, but I wont surf the time lines senselessly anymore. A lot of my life I will communicate with people via mail and at the same time take the speed out of communication. In my opinion this would be good for all people. In the next decade, the oil of the 21st century will no longer be data, but trust. Can you trust this software, medical service, science paper, government or ordinary people? But this is not to be confused with a points system implemented by a government or other governmental institution, and companies are not eligible either. So how to create trust and a much more important question. How to calculate trust?

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A.76.a3 - First Week without News

I spent my first week completely without news and social media. To not cheat myself, I blocked all channels in my browser. Unconsciously I entered a certain domain once or twice and was then reminded of my project. I cant say if I feel better overall, because I cant measure that myself. Since I almost only read technical articles, I don't get so upset anymore. I have more free time for my Zettelkasten and other projects. I notice this strongly, because I don't wait aimlessly in communities for something important anymore. short message community is like waiting for Godot. Since I don't write about bad vibe topics anymore, I am much more relaxed. I still get upset for a moment and think about how I would have put it into a blog post, but then shrug my shoulders and move on with my life. I will keep it that way for the next week and see how it develops. I also really like updating the RSS only once a week, because I can talk about many more topics and take them up again. Today is the last day of the month and I have not read any news for 30 days. Things I have heard from other sources are that the a president has to testify somewhere. Impeachment or something. I have no idea what that is and I don't care.

The corona virus appears to be spreading. Something like this is happening, and I don't see what the problem is. People die from viruses, and its perfectly normal. The latest news (start page of Wikipedia) is that England has left the EU and I can finally completely ignore this political scribble theatre. Maybe the a president asked another president to become the 51st state of the country, then the band New Model Army would have been right with their lyrics 30 years ago. I also use almost no social media anymore and feel better. Not so stressed, not so irritated anymore. So I will continue the project for another month and will not read any news in February. In case of a real catastrophe or pandemic I already got a message from the disaster control.

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A.76.a4 - Corona News Maker

In the meantime, since the last entry I left here, one thing has changed. The Corona virus pandemic has spread a lot in the last weeks, so I've been looking at the news papers to get more information. I noticed some important points when the pandemic is reported. Journalists are again increasingly falling for fake news and conspiracy believers. It seems that people are reacting to click bait again, because assumptions and bad news sell better. Many newspapers tend to use militaristic language, talking about a war against the virus, about fighting and corona soldiers. Doctors and nurses are not soldiers and they are not at war. Soldiers are killing people. Doctors save peoples lives. Many articles speculate about what might happen next, and I think this is a very dangerous point. This only causes insecurity and panic in the population. The newspapers should take responsibility especially in these difficult times and report only facts. These facts should also be backed up with links and references, because otherwise you are just playing into the hands of conspiracy believers. Also, medical assumptions should be avoided. I do that here too, but I have only a very small target group and do this to sort my thoughts. I do not publish any scientific studies or results here. That's what separates me from a medical professional. I am a computer scientist who is interested in medicine in his spare time. I have never studied medicine or had any training in this field, so you have to take into account that my statements are practically untenable. Please keep this in mind when you read my note box. This and much more I noticed in the last two weeks. I have excluded politicians and social media because I have not been able to take them seriously for years. Whoever thinks the Corona virus is a hoax is stupid and will die.

A.76.a5 - A little Hole in my News Barricade

After two weeks I decided to read again only one news channel of a blogger. The well-known news websites are currently overflowing with drama, panic and constant repetition. I also noticed in myself that my mood got worse again when I read news every day and I don't want that. Apparently its the job of journalists to just clickbait. Even the most famous daily newspaper has to publish a weekly fact finder, because nobody believes everything without questioning. This was true in a European conflict, but also in the current corona virus pandemic. People question statements and also look at other sources. When a scientist is interviewed in the media, I first look at his Wikipedia article. I do a lot of research myself and just because the one nice graphic of a statistic is posted in the article doesn't mean anything. I don't accuse all news sites of posting fake news, but most seem to be scratching the edge of falsehood. Also, it seems to have become fashionable for journalists to post their opinions rather than publish a factual article. Opinions can be quickly recalled, changed or adapted to the current mood of the reader. False facts can be attacked. Opinions not, so journalistic opinions of well-known newspapers are just as valuable as an opinion on short message community. Nothing. It is just one opinion among many. Nothing more. I want factual truths, not opinion interpretations of what this president might have just meant. This politician, like Pinocchio, always denies anyway, so why should I care what he says. Only failures and victims believe a notorious liar and only village idiots believe everything without questioning what is written in a newspaper. Journalism is not a fourth pillar of democracy. Whoever leans so far out of the window with a statement should first sweep at his door.


A.76.a6 - "ALIENS"

For some days now, several global online news providers have been reporting that the Pentagon has allegedly published real UFO videos. Now the question has to be asked whether the two countries are trying to distract from their terrible pandemic situation or whether the recordings are really real. How is it possible that people believe in a flat world but don't want to believe something as obvious as UFOs? In my opinion, there are several points that should be considered. First of all, the timing is rather, to be cautious. This news was actually a good way to distract from a real problem. Unfortunately, the news with all its fakes and false reports have ruined their whole reputation. Why should you believe the news now, because its fake anyway, right? Besides that, most UFO scientists believe that UFOs may have been invented by a government to distract from war technology inventions during World War II. Besides, UFOs are out and only Goa hippies and Nessy researchers are interested in them. The newspapers could publish hundreds of pictures that any teenager could create in five minutes. A few blurred flight manoeuvres, a funny black shadow and the UFO is ready. It doesn't help then that politicians, the NAVY or other high-ranking institutions say that the photos or videos are real. When I read about UFOs in a news online magazine, I always have an amused ulterior motive. When I think of UFOS, I always think of Erich von Daeniken. Maybe extraterrestrials were once on Earth, but if they were smart enough they will not come back for a few thousand years.


A.76.a7 - Full Stop

Due to several incidents I have decided to stop reading online news for this year. Some of the reasons are that the websites are too big and slow and it takes too long. There is now only one News site from which I read news. There you can find everything important that happens in the world. But in the last few days I noticed a negative feeling when I read global news. Loss of confidence, depression and many negative thoughts. I do not want this. Especially because of the Corona virus Pandemic an ultra negative undertone has crept into the articles. A nationalist undertone. Its all too pessimistic and negative. Yes, we are living in difficult times, but I don't want to be part of a mass depression. Finally, there is one very important point. I cant stand a certain persons face anymore, and certainly not his rants. Journalists hang on to this persons short messages like information junkies and pass them on unreflected. This is stupid and pathetic. I do not want to read this. I have given up on the media. I don't trust them anymore and I don't care if honest Humans lose their jobs.

Apparently, a news industry bubble that was designed for advertising and clickbait is bursting. I only look in one channel once a day and see the links with the media industry lay-off announcements. Daily, weekly and monthly newspapers finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. But they don't like it, because what just arrives is the end of a very slow death of newspapers. Only a few newspapers will survive, maybe even none. You cant say that yet, it looks bad. Even big news companies are cutting 20-40% of the current jobs. Why should I employ a journalist at all, I can also create the content with machine learning. I only need one source which I tap and then I suck the important information. From this I generate the content. One software replaces 1000 journalists. Maybe the content will be more important or at least more professional. Without all the baits, but just honest news. In a time where everybody can open and feed a blog, social media channel within minutes I am surprised that all this with the newspapers didn't happen years ago.

A.76.a8 _ Corona War News

In the last few days the rhetoric of my last online news source has changed a lot. I would call that a war rhetoric. Since "the heroes" are "fighting" on the "corona front". The states want a "clean slate" on debt relief. The "war against the virus" or "war against the pandemic" is "fought" by economy and medicine. This is going on all the time and most of the terms of this war rhetoric are even put in quotation marks. In my opinion, journalism has lost touch with reality, and if this is what the newspapers are calling it, we can expect a real war soon. I will give up news completely for a month and see how that affects my information gathering. I want news, not inflammatory war talk.

At the moment, a major newspaper is conducting a smear campaign against one of the most famous corona virologists in the world. Unfortunately, all this has not been so cleverly planned, as this campaign is now turning out to be a journalistic suicide. E-mails are being published and a mud slinging battle is taking place in the social networks. A journalist takes unrelated quotation fragments and asks the discredited virologist for comments. This is not reporting or journalistic research but simply media bullying. Scientists have a critical approach but the bad news media tries to play these scientists off against each other. In my personal opinion, a scientist should never give an interview to a journalist or newspaper. You should also not appear on the internet, television or radio as a guest. The media greed for stories, not for scientific information. Scientists should avoid these media smear campaigns and blog and publish videos themselves. This way they reach people better and remove the basis for inaccurate reporting from "bad journalists". This smear campaign does not only exist in my home country, but all over the world. Journalism sees itself in its blindness as the fourth pillar of democracy. This can never be the case. People who discredit other people for clicks and sales figures are not part of democracy. They are wannabe politicians who would like to play on the world stage. Power people without conscience, who have more corpses in their cellar than a criminal.

A.76.a9 - George Floyd

Since a few days there are news that you cant miss if you work with the internet. When a citizen was arrested, he was killed. This was recorded by many people with their smartphones and streamed live in social networks or uploaded to video hosts. The news did not quite agree on how to report, but then took the side of the family of the killed citizen. The responsible persons lied about the course of events, which could be checked by every citizen on the basis of the video recordings. As a result, riots broke out in large parts of the country, and a journalist and camera crew were arrested. For a democratic state this is a disgrace and the government of the affected country should be concerned about its reputation in the world. In any case, the reporters and news channels are just noticing that it seems that they no longer live in a democracy and that their civil rights have been taken away. This just bursts a few bubbles of reality that have been ignored in recent years. Even though I am not a friend of journalists, the picture that this country shows is an indictment of every democracy and maybe my home country should look for new political partners. A country that arrests journalists should be despised and politically ignored by the whole world. But this is also true for all other countries, including the one where I live right now. In the last years hundreds of journalists have been shot, executed and disappeared elsewhere. If this continues, we will have no more bad news at all in the future that we can improve.

I talked with a well-known person about how to recognize bad news articles. There are some examples. One of them I have explained in more detail. If there is a question in the title, you don't have to read the article, because it doesn't answer the question or give any other useful information. So if a news portal asks in the original text: Hundreds of infections and a strongly increasing R-value: Is there a threat of a second corona wave? There is no way of knowing whether there will be a second corona virus wave. Not the scientists, not the medical profession and certainly not a journalist at the newspaper. Whether a second corona virus will occur, you'll know when that second wave becomes medically measurable. The same thing with another article, Will the President get a second term? How would the journalist know that. They'll know when the election for president is complete. Maybe his running mate gets the presidency, maybe the current president dies of the corona virus or a heart attack. Who's going to know that? Bad news articles do not report facts, but ask questions. Speculate, suspect and think up things that may never happen. Are there other space-faring civilizations in the universe? Seriously. I have no idea if there are, but well know at the latest when they land on our planet Earth and say hello. If you ever read any trashy magazines, check out the front pages and the questions they ask. Is Prince Xs wife pregnant?, Will it be a boy or a girl?, etc. Questions, but no answers. Is Linux the best operating system in the world? How the hell does anybody know what is the best operating system at all? Watch out for articles like this in your news newspaper in the future and you will be surprised how little information you get from the articles.

Do not talk to journalists, because they are only interested in "their" story. They are not interested in interviewing you, they are only interested in gathering information. So if you are a blogger who doesn't post on the internet under a clear name, you should refuse interview requests from news magazines and news channels. It could happen that your name is being doxxt. I come from a country where this can be severely punished, but this is not the case in the rest of the world. Also newspapers in my home country do not stick to it in most cases and are often criticized because of it. If you blog, you can express enough of your opinion and you are not dependent on journalists. As you can see on the internet, newspapers and journalists are only interested in clicks and hits for their articles and even go so far as to risk the lives of interview partners. If you want to protect your life and your operation security don't talk to journalists. For journalists its just a job where they make money and in the worst case you pay for it with your life. Journalists doxx for clicks.


A.76.a10 - Rat Race

The death of newspapers in my home country goes faster than I thought. Not the print news papers, but rather the news portals. This week closed three portals that were supposed to attract teenagers, students and young adults as target groups. Unfortunately these portals have tried to do that with clickbait and topics that adults have no idea about. There are hundreds of meme how adults unsuccessfully try to curry favour with young people. Apparently nothing has worked out that way.Besides that, the ancillary copyright law will be tightened (instead of eight, only three words in a link will be allowed) and upload filters will be introduced. The politicians had promised that this would not be introduced, but once again they lied. That's how it is known and I'm not angry about it anymore. Print media and newspapers are already for 10 years on the descending branch and now the online news portals follow. That's also the reason why I don't link to other websites, because I'm afraid to be warned. But if no one links to a news article anymore it has no relevance for search engines and will not be listed in the search results. The media, copyright and intellectual property industry is digging its own grave. Three big portals are gone within a week and curiously the stock investors look at a fourth portal. When the media and journalists finally stop seeing the internet as their enemy, they might survive, but unfortunately there will be scorched earth on both sides.


A.76.a11 - Tagesschau

I hardly read less news and had only three last sources I sometimes looked into. Among them was a public German newspaper. Unfortunately this one was negative again in the Beirut accident. This newspaper has had to admit so many contradictions and mistakes in the last months that they have introduced a fact finder section. For me this is always a unifying indicator that something is going wrong in the offices. Just like a code of conduct in a software project often points to real problems in the project or startup. In a code of conduct you can read quite well what the problems in a company are, because most of the negative points also occurred in the company. Whatever.

A.76.a12 - Drama, Drama, Drama

In the last three months I have noticed two things. Journalists are working faster and faster and they seem to be addicted to Drama. In a school we had a girl who lived on gossip in the schoolyard. If you wanted to know the latest rumours, secrets, you only had to talk to her for a few minutes and were immediately up to date again. That was always good when you were ill for a week. These girl then also had as their first social media Accounts, with very many friends. With her you could read everything that was currently going on in the various circles of friends. unfortunately, at some point I didn't see her anymore because I moved, but she could certainly have studied journalism. She knew everything and was always up to date. About political news, fashion or private. She was addicted to News. Really addictive. I would compare that to a strong addiction like a strong chemical drug. If she had no Internet on her Smartphone for a day she became obnoxious. Journalists are the same. Always pushing, asking, wanting to know. They no longer care about what they hear, but only that they hear it first. Then you can publish the NEWS faster than anyone else on the Internet. Like Drug Addicts. Only worse. And, apparently, this can also be contagious, like a Virus. People unreflected post anything on the net, the main thing first. Fake News, mixed with rumours, own views and there is only one thick news drug porridge for all the news drug addicts. A drug news circle jerk.

In one of the largest countries of the world a new president is elected and like that always is, straight in the news and media a mud fight takes place. There the most unbelievable stories are dug out, which leave the opponent badly before the voters. Two things have come to my attention. First: The stories sound more like conspiracy stories known from well-known image boards and probably won't last two minutes of fact-checking. Second: The social media doesn't seem to want to play this game anymore and now print magazines are complaining. The term censorship is mentioned very often. How can this happen? The social media as the gatekeeper of democracy? This is not surprising, because in the last months (years) the well-known social networks had to listen to accusations that free speech is great, but can also be a danger for democracy. Hundreds of examples were shown how little the social networks do, that in some countries even courts and the judiciary had to deal with these issues. But the networks also have a serious difference to online news. The networks live from the monetary units of their users, not from the news. If the headwind is too strong, not only from the population, but also from the governments, they have to steer against it. In contrast to a second class newspaper, which can be truly called a capitalist mass grave, these networks earn monetary units. A mass monetary units. The traditional media are no longer relevant anyway, so this is just the last attempt to throw more shit into the election and to dismantle the face of a country. You can scream as loud as you want as a newspaper when you see the train leaving. The social network gatekeeper Lokführer will not stop and go back to the station again. This train has departed. "Tshu! Tschu! Next Stop Social Network Mass Media Hell."

Some weeks ago an American car manufacturer messed up a presentation of a new electric vehicle. Something broke. A car roof or something. Actually it doesn't really matter, but the news made a sensation out of it. News are only interested when something bad happens. Not when a company presents a successful product. That is also good, but the right clicks are made with disasters. For a car manufacturer, negative reporting is of course not so good and the car manufacturer has summarily fired its entire PR and press department. In the future there will be no more press conferences for the arch reports and yes journalists. That will mean fewer jobs. Why should a company give press conferences at all when it can invite much better working video creators and stream fanboys? They spread the opinion of the new product without reflection or criticise it from a technical point of view. A company can work with a technical criticism. This is good feedback and the company gets it for free. Why would an AAA game studio provide a finished game to journalists when streamers would pull out both legs to be the first to play the game? Free of charge. From this point of view, journalists are not needed in the press area of a company and only cost unnecessary money. There are reasons why the richest person in the world bought a particular newspaper. They have to report what this person claims. If they do not work as he wants them to, they will be sold again. Journalism and news no longer have a unique selling point. They now share a highly competitive market with lobbists, content creators, the online media and corporations.

A.76.a13 - Fake News Media

What has struck me in recent months has been how greedily global media respond to conspiracy ideologists. It almost seems as if they secretly admire these people. They report "critically", but between the lines there is always little fan boy talk. This disgusts me very much, because in my personal opinion the media are acting in a way that endangers the state. Apparently they also want a piece of the cake from the social media. But they do not notice that these "social" media have already censored these people. Also the online media do not need to work with the news anymore, because they have educated their community to become citizen journalists. It doesn't matter if the truth is reported, because a digital media company is only interested in clicks that bring monetary units. Of course, the news must also tell citizens about these movements, but that should be made much more neutral. The media also always have an educational mission, which they should take into account. Censorship is not a solution, because that only reinforces individual movements and proves them right. Everything should only be reported without drama. Information is important, not sensationalism, but journalists seem to have forgotten that years ago. In the election of the new president of the United States, the media around the world made so many mistakes. Instead of concentrating on neutral reporting, they have once again let themselves be dragged before the political cart. This is the last entry in this article, because I have given up hope that the media and the journalists will change. I prefer to focus on positive developments. News is only political Propaganda and has become unimportant for me. No one believes them any more, just as the population has lost confidence in the politicians.

A.76.a14 - Into the Swamp

I had dinner with my flatmates today and we decided to watch the evening news together. Nothing has changed. Journalists still make drama queen news and people are stupid. In my country the conservatives will probably calculate with the nationalists and since the first of December every German goes shopping for Christmas presents every fucking day. As if there was no Covid-19 Pandemic. Instead of the news telling about the dangers, the journalists watch like gazers at the accident of the pandemic society. I have lost the last spark of respect and trust in the media. Global journalists and the news industry are now definitely below the level of the last President of the United States. It is difficult to go any lower.

A.76.a15 - Doomscrolling

Since January 2021 I have been doomscrolling [vxaqp2] four news pages a day. Too much has happened for me to ignore it. I know it's bad for me but I'm still in lockdown and don't have much to do besides my work and projects.

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