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A.140 - Capitalistic Arrhythmia Asystole Article End

A.140.a1 - Capitalistic Arrhythmia Asystole

I once had a heart attack and during the follow-up treatment in the hospital my EKG looked the same. Many short cardia flatlines. I was very sick. The DAX seems to be sick too, or capitalism. You can certainly choose that. Maybe capitalism still works and only changes its form. In my opinion it is a very symbolic picture, because it shows what will come when we have halfway survived the corona virus pandemic . Currently, a country has 22 million unemployed, which is quite a large number. So tonight I had a strange thought that I want to describe here. Right now this country has two major problems. A pandemic and a resulting high unemployment epidemic. The current president wants to bring the economy out of the lock down and get the economy back on track. The country economy car must be brought back on the highway. I can understand that. If you are unemployed in this country, you have no money for rent, no money for food, etc. There are food banks, but they can't support 22 million people out of work. Even a 1000 monetary unit check won't help. So we have a complicated situation. How could it possibly be solved?

Imagine a car accident where we are the first responders. We are trained to provide emergency care for two people until the right doctors arrive. One person has a broken arm and is bleeding heavily and will die within a minute without a bandage, the second person has a heart attack. How do we decide? First we stop the bleeding, then we can take care of the heart attack. After the heart attack, when the heart stops, we initiate CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We do this until the doctor comes with a defibrillator and (hopefully) restarts the heart with electricity.

The first world country economy is the person with the heart attack. The pandemic, the person who's bleeding. First of all, the lockdown should be pulled through completely for four weeks, so that the curve flattens out and the hospitals are not burdened. But in the meantime the economy has collapsed, so what to do? I'm not an economist, but I would stop the stock market. No trading, no balance sheets, no forecasts. Companies are paying their employees at a lower rate, say 60% of normal pay. So you can put the employees in lockdown and the company can continue to operate in an emergency mode. The employees do not have to be fired and can continue to pay their rent, service loans and buy food. A holiday, a new car and other luxury goods will have to wait until the crisis is over.

This is the only way to deal with the many deaths caused by this pandemic, because if you get the economy going again it will only make the infection rate worse and we all know that the dead do not pay taxes or buy things. The economy is collapsing right now, like a heart attack. We stop this economic heart attack and we freeze the entire global economy. Everything on emergency stop. After that you can only wait four weeks and hope the pandemic flattens out. But there's a problem. Everyone has to pull together. The president, the two democratic parties, the governors, the economy and the people. If one party doesn't play the rules, it will not only be the downfall of the country's world power, it will also be the greatest depression in human history. That would inevitably push international nationalism and eventually end in a third world war. After that, for the next 2000 years, people will only live in huts or, to use Albert Einstein's words: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -- Albert Einstein

I have no idea if this can work, because I am not an economist, but time is running out and every lost day will reduce the probability of achieving a promising result. It is just an idea of mine and I leave the evaluation to the experts. One question that remains for me at the end is how this will affect the global economy. Might it even be necessary to close all stock exchanges in the world? Or perhaps one should have closed just a few financial markets. Because today I have learned that there is a negative price for oil. It is currently at minus - $37.63 a barrel and I find that both alarming and fascinating. I have looked at some sources and it seems that there have been many oil crises in the history of mankind. Somehow people and traders don't seem to learn from the old mistakes. My question now is whether this will have a domino effect on other stocks. There are many fracking companies in the world and only a few will survive this crash, there will be more unemployed. Will other factors such as real estate or the economy inevitably be further reduced to the level where we are already heading with the broken ship? Or maybe I'm just over-thinking and the market will take care of it all by itself. Or we slide into the next bank crisis and the 99% are allowed o pay from their little money, what is left over. In my opinion, the markets need a break to stabilize again, otherwise there will soon be more stock markets that still work.

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A.140.a2 - Car Manufacturers

Six weeks ago, the largest car manufacturers in Europe restarted production, because they believe they need to produce without any problems in order to survive on the market. In the meantime, only one car manufacturer had sold cars. Electric cars. Something where my home country is 20 years behind, because they trusted the fortune-telling promises of the car lobby, they thought that the electric car would not catch on that quickly. gasoline cars, and maybe when it comes out of testing, a hybrid car. Electric cars are not selling and there is no market for them. Today most car factories in Europe have closed again. In some European states (slump by 97 percent) there was almost nobody who wanted to buy a car. Really? Really? A severe recession and economic inflation fears. In a pandemic nobody is allowed to drive a car anyway. How can it be that unemployed and deceased people don't buy cars? How could anyone not have foreseen this? Sometimes I ask myself how long reality bubbles last until they burst. Nobody is buying a car right now. And nobody is going on vacation for the next few weeks. I don't even need to study economics for that.

The start-up market is also currently collapsing worldwide. Why? Because everything is built on sand. An investment round is like a horse race. Only the first place brings a price.The remaining 20 riders get nothing. The remaining 20 riders get nothing. That's what big name brands are doing right now. Startups with a big parent company can be caught, but companies that slide from one investment round to the next to sell investors unrealistic economic dreams are breaking both legs. Horses with two broken legs do not run very well and cannot win races. In addition, stock traders from risky sectors (or companies) are withdrawing and entering safe waters. Within the next few years, 60 percent of the companies listed on the stock exchange would cease to exist. One of the largest steel producers in heavy industry has already been thrown out of the DAX because it is not yet possible to estimate whether this company will even exist at all by the end of the year. The silliest idea would be to sell the elevator division.


A.140.a3 - Online Advertising

Not a day goes by without news that a large corporation has stopped its online advertising. First it started with a boycott because a big social network did something stupid. The fact that this big stupid company has been doing stupid things for years, has been ignored so far. After that companies have stopped almost all online video advertising because of the pandemic, which has been noticed by the end user and also by the content creator. Today came the first news that a well known coffee house chain has stopped all online advertising. Perhaps most companies are realizing that the whole online advertising system is built on air. I used to work in advertising for a while and for a big project of mine I also did some online advertising. It was 100% not worth it. I could have flushed the money down the toilet or given it to an animal shelter. That would have had the same effect. But it shows me something else, because the advertising departments are always the first to be closed when a company or large corporation is in a bad way. As a company you can do without advertising, but you cannot do without a personnel department. Maybe most companies only boycott so that it doesn't look so bad for their own employees. If a company supports a boycott and some employees have to leave because of it, there will be less bad blood. This is more tactical than closing down a department for no reason, even if it is justified by declining revenues. I find this very exciting right now.

Overall, the critical voices regarding seed money startup accelerator and venture capital seem to be increasing, because there were also some articles that look at it all from a more realistic point of view. For me it always looks like a bet. I also don't like it when states rush to help, when a company is not doing so well and then try to save it (sometimes even several times) with the citizens' tax money. Most of the time they just burn billions of monetary units. Have the banks learned anything from the crisis of 2008? No. They are doing badly again. In my opinion, sick corporations should just let the market eat them up. No one will go on holiday in a pandemic, so the demise of several airlines is inevitable. There are internet companies from the 90's that are still online and only haunt the net as a shadow of themselves. Most of the time they were sold from one hand to the next until they finally die. Even the brands are so burnt out that nobody wants to have them anymore because there is no money to be made from them. Right now a lot of people are dying from the pandemic and whichever company has talked about that there is no to big to fail has just lived in a false reality. Even two big DAX companies had to learn this the hard way this year. Maybe the real estate industry is still doing quite well at the moment, but even here I see hundreds of problems that have been pushing themselves into the foreground for a long time. Especially in countries where a lot of credit is traded for real estate, things are not looking good. We should not forget that the crisis of 2008 was not caused by a pandemic but by bad loans. Our capitalist system has not recovered, it was only the prelude to an even greater catastrophe.

And another thing I noticed in the last days. I have a spam mail account to which I forward all my former social media accounts, on time registrations and so on. For example, I still have an account with a stream service that almost never sent me mails. In the last three days I have received 28 mails. Hints who is streaming (which I still follow) or just other nonsensical important messages. Also two big game engines overflow me with requests. On top of that there are all the mails from providers I hadn't used for months or years and where apparently the mail address is still haunting the databases. In this mailbox a lot of providers try to catch my attention, unfortunately it is a spam mailbox and everything ends up in the trash. I don't use mail communication any more and I only check my mailboxes once a month. Sometimes even less often. All in all it seems that things are not going well for the internet companies. Let's see when the consumers realize how much market power they actually had.

I can't listen to people from the business world at the moment when they talk about saving the economy. These people are just worried about their own asses. It's not about the employees, social justice or anything, it's just about money. The whole system is ailing and not as stable as it was 50 years ago. Only the family companies seem to be making a profit and that's only because no shareholders are playing with their company. One digital company after the other is closed down and the investments are burned. At the moment a lot of money is being burned anyway. They help companies that can't keep their heads above water and in the meantime too many families move out of New York. Rents are down 7% in the last few weeks. How long before al's real estate bubble bursts again. The idea is to help the inner cities, even though the concept of a city centre has long been outdated. Instead of wanting to ride dead horses, the economy should get ready to break new ground. Don't business leaders always talk about new opportunities and challenges? I am also of the opinion that a citizen's income does not produce the results that scientists would like to see. Even if unemployed people can use the money just fine. How long will this go on? Citizens and employees do not only want to have the money. They want a job, they want to interact with colleagues in a fulfilling workplace and feel useful. There is no point in just throwing money at problems. And the home office will not contribute to finding solutions either. What about all those artists, musicians, intellectuals, historians and philosophers? Where should they stay?

Relatives and some people from my circle of friends have started to get their money from the bank and invest it in other assets. Gold and silver seems to be corpulent. Since 2008 the banks have lost the trust of most people on this planet and there seems to be a strong sell back of shares. In America there are almost no more small coins because the citizens hoard them and also in my home country there are billions of small change which is stored in piggy banks, cupboards and small boxes. I find it incredibly exciting how people react when they look into an uncertain future, because most of them seem to be close to real natural instincts again. Collect supplies, hoard supplies in a safe place, protect your supplies. Our ancestors have already done this successfully. Banks are apparently no longer a safe place for the money of investors and savers. Marx and Engels are currently rotating in their graves with joy, throwing pamphlets of capitalism criticism at the dull skull of critics.

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A.140.a4 - Sanctuary Radio

Tonight the well known and much loved Gothic and Industrial Sanctuary Radio was closed. The radio was free of commercials and financed by donations from its listeners. Unfortunately the radio was not that good, because shortly before midnight some hundred monetary units were still missing. You can literally feel how people start to keep their money together. The last years could be financed, but since the recession one feels this in many places. The Fritzing PCB software also costs money to cover at least the expenses. I think that in the next two years many user support services will disappear from the internet. This is a real pity, but unfortunately people save money first on the things they can do without. Not only software and services that you have paid for are in strong competition, but also open source software that you can download for free from the software net. Here too, the wheat is separated from the chaff. People are willing to pay for software, but then it has to be very good and offer service. Unfortunately, this is the law of the market. I wish the DJ of Sanctuary Radio all the best for his future life. It's a pity, but if you only focus on one source of income, you have to expect something like this.

A.140.a5 - Stores

The cuts in the economy are now also hitting the better frequented stores. Since I want to order less electrical engineering and components in China, I usually buy my materials locally. Since there is only one store in my city, it can raise its prices. Unfortunately, this store also belongs to a chain of electronics stores. The target group are old white men over 50 years old, with a lot of money. So I thought about it three times in advance if I really need a certain component or if I should buy it somewhere else. Today I was back in the store and had to find out that a lot of prices were offered cheaper. An example. For a project I need small blue luster terminals . It is not worth ordering the ones in Asia because I am not interested in waiting four months for a package. So I buy them here in my home country because I really don't need much of them. In the store today I got an offer if I want to buy ten of these clamps. One costs 1.20 monetary units. If I buy ten, I only pay 0.19 monetary units. What? For me this is good, but unfortunately it also shows me that the store chain has to rethink its pricing policy. If people have little money at their disposal, they don't care if it says Made in Europe on the component. They prefer to buy online in Asia. I don't think that the store will last much longer, because there aren't so many white old men living in my city that it would pay off. Sometimes there are a few handicraft worker (who usually buy in the big stores via business cards) or a few families who buy a garden lamp. I am an exception, because I often buy things that you can't order online or only very expensive. Or the city I live in is no longer attractive enough. Since I did not study economics, I can only estimate this very badly. By the way gave me three different employees discount booklets and asked me to come back and check them out. Whew! These are actually actions that stores do when everything is in trouble and can't be saved. Where should I buy my components in the future.

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A.140.a6 - Blocked Alligator Browser

An online service from Bavaria blocked my Alligator Browser and another script, probably because I didn't want to play by their rules. I find this quite funny, because this is a typical problem of the Bavarians. They invent something really good, but because of paranoid Copyright laws or lack of Innovation, they cannot survive on the market for long. At some point the second movers come and take over the same concept and consumers wander off. As in the same case, there is enough competition products. I don't need your product if I can't play by my rules. You don't want that? Bad luck, the market will eat you. I don't like it when companies and corporations want to force me to do something. This is the reason why I developed my own Browser. Bavaria is of the opinion that you must drink their alcohol-free beer. I don't need a car from Bavaria either. The market is full of competing products. I have free choice and a stable heavy industry does not ensure that the next hundred years will continue like this. Hundreds of villages in Bavaria have become dependent on the American army. The troops are withdrawn and are therefore no longer available as customers. Region Bavaria is still rich, but for how long. No one likes arrogant and money greedy people. I don't need your products and this region in Europe will have to learn this the hard way. The customers, myself included, have become more confident. Nowadays, a boycott of products can put entire companies in distress. That was not possible 40 years ago. A stupid statement, a blocked Browser, a racist advertisement, and all customers are gone forever. People can remember very well who treated them shit and will also tell their friends. If someone blocks my Browser, I take it personally. In the future, I will boycott all products from the Bavaria region, including the non-alcoholic wheat beer, which I have been purchasing from a very small Klosterbrauerei for years. The monks would be able to make a retraining to another job, maybe open source developer.


A.140.a7 - Ghost Town Shops

In recent months, a large amount of shops in the city centre have closed. This happens when the global economy dies. At most stores I do not care, because you can order the products, if you absolutely want, also online. There are no big differences in price. Unfortunately, a model shop of a well-known table top company also closed its shop, which I did not find so good. You can also buy the products online, but this is usually more expensive, because middlemen still hit something monetary units on it. There are then unimaginable overpriced prices, which I do not want to pay. Especially with acrylic paints this company is really good and so far you can not find anything better on the global market. Now there is only one Problem. The company is head quartered in England. England is likely to leave Europe in November without a trade treaty and thus the products from England are on the level of Asia. You have to pay horrendous Import fees. Or you can trick with small packages, but that doesn't work so well either. I have the fear that the colours will be incomparably expensive. Unfortunately, there is no comparable competitor product.

I have been thinking a lot in the last weeks about starting my own business again. the last time I failed epically and therefore I still have some debts to work off. But this is all within a feasible range. In my country there is unfortunately a very technology hostile policy and strong economy that prevents the establishment of start-ups. Once a good startup is established, it is very quickly bought up by other competitors from abroad. That is ok in a globalised capitalism. But it is not ok if economic partners drift in a precarious political direction and one has made oneself dependent in the end. Moreover, prices are rising even in countries that were still economic years ago. And the rules of the game have changed massively. In the country where I live now, hardware is once again portable in production. Wouldn't it be better to bring back the production and to support the local economy? Shouldn't one simply stay out of the economic struggles of the great powers and just use the time, loosely based on the saying When two quarrel, the third is happy. That's why I'm currently making some attempts and see how far I can get this time. With the bad economic situation, I have much better chances to find my small niche in which I can grow. The big companies have a lot of problems that I can avoid. I don't have a problem with capitalism, I have a problem with stupid capitalism that doesn't work towards long tail. We the People need stable capitalism, not monetary unit burning fools.


A.140.a8 - A Oral History about Cinemas

A little oral history. In the city where I was born there were many small cinemas in my childhood. All of them had a different program and some even had a big famous movie. I had seen Dances with Wolfes with my father in English and original sound (with subtitles) as a special edition (236 minutes). Later on I watched The Name of the Rose because it was already running so well in 1986. Cinemas didn't have a strict program and so sometimes old movies were shown. They were very nice cinemas and I had many great experiences. For example, my first date at Doc Hollywood in a very old former sex cinema with a really dubious interior design. They were cheap and a good alternative to television. At some point two multiplex cinemas with 2648 seats were built. In addition, the largest cinema in the region was built with 2315 seats. Cinema became an experience. One went with hundreds of people into a hall and watched the current Hollywood movies. The cinema became more and more expensive. Young people and adults wanted it but so and so gradually closed all other traditional movie theatres. Nowadays my hometown has only two art house cinemas, which are among the most famous in my country. I spent a lot of time with artists, musicians and designers with cigarette and beer in the small halls and watched everything from silent movies, underground movies, avant-garde movies and independent productions. I had sex in the toilets and then went all to a Vernissage. It was a very nice time. Today one of the biggest media companies has announced to release its productions first in stream. Thus the Hollywood wonderland of giant cinemas is no longer relevant. The greed for the monetary units and moviegoers became too great, that the main philosophy of a good movie was forgotten. A good story, a development, art, a main protagonist who goes through a development and at the end turns the film in a completely different direction. There are very few Hollywood films that have managed this. The Sixth Sense was one such film. Overall I found the movie mediocre but the twist at the end triggered so much in my brain. Today's movies rarely appeal to me and then it's more for entertainment. Hollywood is dead and with it dies a legend. Nowadays old successful movies are recycled, perfect stories, with perfect protagonists. Deep Voice and Deep Face from dead actors. Notice how many ugly people you see in a current movie. None. All are perfectly made up and even the ugly people are not ugly, repulsive or characteristically interesting. The Hollywood illusion of the perfect and beautiful eats away her own children. Only the beautiful things get boring at some point, as we all models get bored at some point if we don't find anything interesting about them. The current Hollywood movies are as easily replaceable as my shirts. Perfect for the target group that wants to be sprinkled in the stream. Turn it on. Turn it off. After ten minutes you forget the content of the film. Big cinemas cry loudly because the streaming sector is now taking away the visitors. Unfortunately, they have forgotten how they themselves have contributed to the downfall of the character cinema. Nobody will pity them now, because these large cinemas are interchangeable. The last time I was in Avatar in the cinema. In 3D. The movie is a perfect Pocahontas copy. A child of its time. Critical on the subject of environmental destruction, but not too critical. I got a headache from the 3D and didn't keep anything of the film. Perfect beautiful CGI, with perfect voices and a perfect story. So perfect that it gave me a headache. Since then I have never been to the cinema again. For 11 years. With Pocahontas and Avatar, Hollywood cinema has died. It will always find its fans, just like few people still love black/white or silent movies. But unfortunately this perfection is as fragile as the reality we live in. We all live in a film and when it ends, we die. This is the great cinema of life. Full of avant-garde protagonists and interesting ugliness.


A.140.a9 - Hospital Companys

How little the life of humans is worth could be experienced today. My roommate told me that I should listen to the news on the local radio. I have not listened to the radio for years. It was bad news A company that manages almost every hospital, nursing home etc. In my hometown wanted to sell two hospitals. Then the pandemic came and the buyers bailed out. Now the two hospitals will be closed as soon as possible and most of the doctors and nurses will be laid off. In the middle of the second wave of the pandemic . Today the intensive care unit of the first hospital was closed. For weeks, citizens had been on demonstrations to draw attention to the problem. Even politicians of all parties and the city administration spoke out against the closure. But since the city sold the hospitals back then, they are no longer in the hands of the city, but belong to a corporation. A corporation does not decide according to the needs of the people in a city. It decides what the numbers look like on paper. The entire north of the city now has to share a small hospital. Do you know the movies where someone makes a decision and you know for sure that the plot is going to be super dramatic. I hope that this all turns out well. And. what I noticed again. Since the 11 pm curfew, people are getting aggressive again. Executive forces are being abused and spat at for no reason. I don't want to be in that role.

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A.140.a10 - Take a Break

In February, I had the theoretical idea of shutting down the entire world economy for a year if it wanted to save itself. I really did not seriously pursue this idea, because there are too many uncertainties that cannot be foreseen. Moreover, all the countries in the world should have pulled together. In the current state of the world, I would rather bet 50 monetary units that a heroin addict would get clean again. Whatever the case. Today, an economist from the Institute for Economic Research in Germany came forward and raised the question of whether we should think about a tough two-week economic lockdown. I am astonished that this person has not yet been kicked out of the institute, which also shows me how bad the economy really seems to be. The idea is still a good one, because people are not buying anything at the moment anyway. Too many are afraid of a second lockdown and the pandemic prevents any celebration. From the Christmas market to Halloween, everything is falling apart.I also have to be careful with my monetary units, because I still have debts from my first self-employment as a designer which I have to pay off. It's not much and you can manage it, but right now everybody comes and wants their money back. In the worst case I would have to go to prison for a few months. But that would be an advantage, because in prison people are more likely to look out for Covid-19, I get free food and don't have to pay rent. In an economic crisis that's not so bad.

A.140.a11 - Race to the Top

But the Covid-19 pandemic also seems to be enabling something good. Providers have to work harder because competition has become tougher. A few months ago, you could sell pizza to anyone in our city. The packaging looked cheap and the taste was mediocre. Yesterday, my roommates and I ordered a pizza for the first time in months. It came in new recycled packaging, which looked much nicer right away. I think packaging is important because you don't give your friends a Christmas gift in a trash bag or newspaper. Before, the packaging was ugly with a cheap cartoon character that represented an Italian stereotype. Now it's in a natural brown color with the slogan "Eat.Enjoy.Love." That's also kind of basic, but it's a good start. When asked why they have new packaging now, the answer came: "The pizzeria has paid far too little attention to the wishes of the customers in the last 12 months and therefore changed the packaging. Also there will be much more vegetarian and vegan offers in the future. The pizzeria had shown there too little risk-taking and innovative thinking. Here's a coupon." Wow! Between the lines, I hear a, "We're sorry we ignored customer requests. Please keep buying our pizza because the competition has become too fierce." I think that's good. As a customer, I will have access to much better deals in the future. Apparently they also hired a new chef because the pizza, which was already delicious before, has become much tastier.

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A.140.a12 - Brexit

The UK has left the EU [ee5964] and at the moment there seem to be some problems. DPD does not deliver from UK [uq9o69] and British truck drivers have to hand in their sandwiches [z9ku93]. Apparently the UK has imagined it all differently. The EU is a juggernaut of rules [cbuhbi], laws and control bodies. Since the UK is no longer part of the EU, there are no exceptions, special rules or "we turn a blind eye because we are in the same family". The UK is out of the club, just like another countrys it now has to follow all "non EU regulations". Honestly, I have no sympathy for the British people, because they have chosen this path themselves through an election. One question I asked myself last night is how this will affect products coming from the UK. For example, what about all the Games Workshop [s3ryqr] products that are sold [yid84m] to Europe. They are already expensive and I wonder if they will get more expensive.

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