Index | A | A.138.1.1 # NE555 Timer under a Microscope

In the last few years I had been working with the NE555 timer from time to time and used it in projects. Nevertheless, I never looked at it closely. Since I have a microscope A.138.2, which produces quite good pictures, I used a NE555 with a nail file. This is done with acid, but I don't have it here and I don't dare to do it without a real tutorial. After half an hour you could see something. In the middle a dice was found. This is only very small to see with the naked eye. But if you zoom in with the microscope you can see the single tracks.

Unfortunately I had already sanded half of the dice with the nail file, which you can see on the photos. All in all there are problems with the microscope, because the quality of the pictures is really bad. The monitor is currently causing problems and I also have to reinstall Raspbian on the SD card A. because something is not working properly. But at least the first pictures from the inside of a NE555 are already available and I will continue the project. There I can improve the quality of the photos even more. Is ERDIG ground?