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--[ 0 - Intro

Since I just have two projects where I need grass flock, I looked at the prices on the Internet[1]. These are ok, even if sometimes through middlemen a little more expensive than normal. I then still prefer to look for a video tutorial alternative and found the video How to make Flock in 15 Minutes from Miscast. I have copied this tutorial here. I will make a slightly larger quantity than I am willing to buy.

--[ 1 - Build

Since I wanted to test only a small amount, I used sawdust that I had left over from another project. I put them in a wide bowl so that I can mix the flock better. I find cups too small for this. Then I added a small amount (ca. 1 tablespoon) of acrylic paint[2] to the sawdust. In the next step then add nail polish remover[3] and stir everything well with an old toothbrush.

This worked super well the first time and I was massively surprised by the result. The flock has the same quality as from an online store for a tenth of the price. You can also experiment with different colors, as Miscast did in the video. Since I had time I was able to take the flock to the drying cellar and let it dry there. Then just sift it and sort it into individual trays that I can use for different projects.

In the future I want to produce flock with other materials, because I think that we throw away too much garbage and I can not only save money, but also protect the environment.

--[ A - Comment

[1] In the last few weeks I've noticed how many good modeling and artist supplies products come from England. Unfortunately, the Brexit has made them really hard to come by and I have to keep looking for alternatives that don't cost me my entire fortune.
[2] As I could see in the video, Miscast uses oil paints, but I can't afford them at the moment. I have therefore used the old acrylic paints, which also worked very well.
[3] The nail polish remover must contain acetone, because otherwise the color will not be diluted properly and the alcohol will ensure better evaporation.

--[ B - Changelog