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| Monster Night Lamp

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--[ 0 - Intro

The day before yesterday I had the spontaneous idea to make a Kids Night lamp out of an old RGB mouse, which worked quite well. But I had to rebuild the concept of my prototype in the second version. Therefore I only now published the new version .stl files for it in the archive. I decided against making holes or other openings in the case and rather leave that to the hobbyists, because maybe you can use other USB mouse models than my own.

--[ 1 - Size

The original size is: x:41.18, y:46.52, z:2.00 mm for the monster top file and x:41.18, y:46.52, z:19.00 mm for the monster bottom file. I changed in the article x/y to the size x:92, y:100, for both files. 2.00 mm and 19.00 mm are the same.

--[ A - Changelog