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| Dungeon Tile Template

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--[ 0 - Intro

I love the videos of Black Magic Craft and have often rebuilt something. Among them were also times dungeon tiles, which I then measured with ruler and angle. Since I start in the next few weeks a new project for which I need dungeon tiles, I have created a model in Freecad. I'm too lazy to have to measure every time something new and can now simply put the blank tile on the foam and trace. So I can work faster and can save time when measuring. I'd rather spend more time tinkering and trying things out and not be held back by repetitive tasks.

--[ 1 - Size

Since Jeremy has mentioned so many times that a dungeon tile has to be exactly 3", my brain has stored that as "1 Jeremy". So 1J is 3" or 76.3mm.

--[ A - Changelog