Model Gothic Window for Model Maker

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-11-21 | update: 2022-01-01


Right now I’m working on my first very big project. The idea came from a very spontaneous drawing I had drawn next to a stream. Nothing special, but from this very simple sketch developed my current major project. The house of the mad wizard.


I won’t go deeper into the details of the project here, but just specifically describe the problem. I had bought a fairy wood window in a fantasy package at the Dollar Store at some point and built a master window frame from it. Unfortunately it was made of chipboard and really not good anymore, because I had already used it a few times. But I had put the original wooden one somewhere where I couldn’t find it. So I took the old template. As you could see in the photo, I used expensive foamcore, which didn’t turn out so well. Even with a new blade in my modeling knife, it became too cumbersome for me to cut out every little window from the window frame. i also wanted to have it neater, because there were going to be more details to the window later.


So I built the window as a model and print that 26 times. This not only saves me time but also makes it more uniform and not quite so crooked. Since I’ll be customizing the windows later, I really only built the frame and uploaded it to the archive. Since a window frame is pretty boring I built a keystone, shutter and sill stl files in Freecad and uploaded them to the archive afterwards.


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