Wet Palette

A Wet Palette for Mini, Terrain and Model Maker

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-10-01 | update: 2022-01-01


I didn’t just start getting into art and painting techniques with model making. I was sent to children’s art school and trained as a child, so I have a little more experience than the average model maker or terrain maker. I know what the difference is between a one Dollar store brush and an artist brush. Not just the very high price. Even how pigments work, how colors play together and perspective are the craft that every artist must learn from scratch. In addition, I have 13 years actively painted graffiti and could develop my talent and that I am now interested in modeling and wargaming is just another station of my artistic career. Even if I have so much background knowledge I still learn something new. So I saw a video from Black Magic Craft where he talks about a wet palette. At first I was skeptical, but I also know how good better tools and techniques can improve one’s work and since I am currently planning a modified version of the Cardian Shock Troops, I wanted to try a wet palette.


Even though I like to support e.g.  Suidmar with an ordered product, I will not be able to afford a Wet Palette for $49.90 at the moment. Right now I have to be a little more tidy with my money. Therefore I created a very simple first version of a Wet Palette with an additional lid and uploaded it to the archive. I have made the wet pallet a little higher. If that is too high for some people, you can stop the 3D print after 10cm.


In total, the Wet Palette has cost me c.a. $2.00 and is thus a lot cheaper than a purchased product. In addition, I can then simply print out and do not have to order the first cumbersome. Unfortunately, I had so far only an ocher colored leather cloth and also the baking paper is brown, but these are only temporary problems that I can change in the next few weeks. So that the wet pallet slips less over the table have not yet anti slip pad sticker glued under the construction. As you can see on the photo there is still a problem with an elephant foot, which I also want to fix this week. I think it’s because I tried a new fan. So far I’m really happy and the wet palette works just like the hype promised.


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