Ring Wall

A Feature for the Cup Holder 3D Print.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-10-01 | update: 2022-01-01


In the last few days I’ve been massively exposed to the Freecad software and learned that I’m pretty good at coming up with new ideas. So far I had not done much with 3D objects, except to model something small (stones, cyberspace) in Blender. I had not yet dealt with technical objects, but now I see a lot of advantages. For example, I can very quickly build new ideas digitally and have them printed. That’s a very liberating feeling, because you don’t have to order something online first and then wait a few days or weeks for the finished prototype. This increases my creativity enormously and that brings me straight to my next object that I want to present here.


I love it when I have parts that I can combine with each other. I do this super often when I create Kitbash models. So far I have created two modules. Once. The ring (cup holder) and once a Lid for the ring. Wouldn’t it be great if I could attach a wall to the back of the rings? Actually, the Ring is intended that this is attached to the wall. My idea was it now but that I can put on my desk. The function should be the following. If I have a model or figurine, which I want to put in a new setting, I can do that with this construction. For example, I can redesign the entire construction by building a diorama to give the figure a deeper story. Sometimes I buy new figurines that are just standing on a simple black plastic plate. That doesn’t look so nice and I prefer to have it in a landscape. Sometimes I rebuild figures so much that they get a whole new story. For each modeler, the three combined components can represent a good basis to implement ideas.


The implementation was pretty easy, because I could simply orientate myself on the ring. Unfortunately, I’m still not happy with Freecad and also the PrusaSlicer still makes problems for which I have not yet found a solution. As you can see in the photos, I have attached the wall with pop rivets to fix this. But it should also be possible to use simple screws. I adjusted the wall so that it fits snugly on the ring, since I attach the lid to the ring from below. I do this out of an aspect of model building. This allows me to create a more interesting base because I can create a landscape of small rocks, sand, or model making clay to give the base more depth. I’m going to do a project with it in the next few weeks and see how practical this idea is for everyday use. Unfortunately, my 3D printer is still not set properly clean and on the photos you can see that the wall is not 100% correct with the ring. Something like this can be solved quickly with superglue in a project.


In the header photo you can see a typical example of use. You can simply place a figurine in the construction and thus better set the scene in which you then yet attached to a wall. Or you can take the whole figurine and the mushrooms off the old base and create a new base. You can also include the back wall and put, for example, a rose garden holder on the upper part of the wall. So for the scene to look even deeper. You do not have to just paint everything, but should give free rein to your creativity. You could, for example, mushrooms grow out of the wall. When I look at the photo I have hundreds of small ideas that I want to implement but unfortunately this figure belongs to my roommate and I must first unpack a few boxes and look at what figures I can use that belong to me.


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