NC7431 675 Front

3D printed Case modding Part.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-11-08 | update: 2022-01-01


Some projects come about by accident. In recent weeks, I have built more and more machines in my room, which leads to the air becoming drier and drier. I have not noticed, but my roommate. So he gave me a water diffuser. It is pretty good, but after a few hours the air became too humid and I thought that this is good for my bronchial tubes, but not so good for my machines. By a coincidence, an acquaintance messaged me and asked if I would like a gift of a hygrometer with a mold alarm and humidity meter from an electronic dollar store. Friends and acquaintances give me broken or unwanted electronics super often because they know I can always use something like that for my projects.

While I couldn’t imagine why anyone would give away a working device (with batteries), after unpacking and installing it I knew why. First, on the front of the case was the dollar store name and domain address. This is super ugly and looks really cheap. Also, I didn’t want to keep retouching the domain off when I take pictures of my desk. The second point was even worse. The middle button has a red LED. That’s ok if you press a button and then the LED gives feedback as a visual signal. However, this LED blinked every few seconds without me being able to see a purpose for it. Useless LED signals make me ultra aggressive and interfere with my work.


I first took the whole case apart and looked at the circuit board. Since it’s a stupid idea to remove an LED from a circuit, because they can also act as a re-ignition, I painted over them with black nail polish. But since the LED glows so strongly, that didn’t work. So I built a small cover out of Foam and black electrician’s tape and placed it in the recess. I built the front in and then taped it down with double sided tape. It’s not professional, but should suffice in this case. You can still use the buttons through the new case because they have such a metal construction that I didn’t know about before. All in all, I can now heat my room accurately or listen to the humidity without fear that anything will mold or break my machines.


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