Monster Night Lamp

Parts for the Kids Night Lamp Project.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-11-07 | update: 2022-01-01


The day before yesterday I had the spontaneous idea to make a Kids Night lamp out of an old RGB mouse, which worked quite well. But I had to rebuild the concept of my prototype in the second version. Therefore I only now published the new version .stl files for it in the archive. I decided against making holes or other openings in the case and rather leave that to the hobbyists, because maybe you can use other USB mouse models than my own.


The bit handle is not a convenient tool and it is not meant to be. I can use it in an emergency to unscrew a spanner slotted screw and then throw the screw in the trash. I can understand if each company brings its own screw on the market, because then one is on the safe side with patents and design rights and saves legal trouble. I can also understand the concept of safety screws, but with a hot glue gun it is really not necessary. Technology is subject to an evolutionary law of nature. Things that simply work well and are clearly understandable to everyone will prevail in the long run.


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