A Lid for the Cup Holder Part.

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When I first became professionally involved in design, I didn’t have a specific direction in which I could develop. This has only crystallized over a period of several years. In my personal opinion, you can recognize a good designer by the fact that he is about 47-53 years old. Below that age he is still too inexperienced and above that age he is then only broad to advocate his own ideas. Of course, there are exceptions and I speak from my own experience. So far I have been strongly influenced by Form always follows Function, Bauhaus and Scandinavian design. For example, I recommend every design student to visit the city of Helsinki and the Designmuseo. There you will find a lot of inspiration that can also be found in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland or Norway. I like cold German product design without colors. The mass product as a mirror of our society goes hand in hand with my new 3D printer that can create these mass products in my own workshop. Therefore, I decided to create a design series of interrelated and combinable individual objects. I also see design as an art form, far away from the everyday business. I love to detach objects from their actual function and give them a new meaning. You have to look beyond your own plate to see the shape of the bottom.


Among my various interests, I am also involved in model making and later crafting. This has to do with the fact that I used model making as a child to withdraw. I could then work for hours with paints, glue and plastic parts and nobody disturbed me. Even nowadays I use model making not only to implement interesting ideas or to be artistic, but also to relax. This works pretty well. Often there are many small projects, which are then placed on my cabinets, dressers and shelves. But I’d rather have small presentation areas where the individual models are better displayed and don’t steal each other’s shining. Since I am also a proponent of the principle of modular design, I had planned to include the Cup Holder in the project. So I developed a very minimalist lid that fits inside the ring of the holder. If I now turn the ring once by 180° around its own horizontal axis, I can put the lid on and have created the presentation surface I wanted. If this is then attached to a wall, the models can be arranged in the way that best suits them. Since this is a prototype, the color of the filament is still orange, but that should change in the next few weeks.


This time I was able to implement my idea faster, because I had learned before how to subtract an object in Freecad, for example. Unfortunately, when I exported the stl file, I still had problems with it not being the right size in PrusaSlicer. I then found out a few days ago what the problem was. I would be happy if Freecad could implement the 3mf file format in their own software in the future. I think it would be good if the created data can also be read by humans and there is also information about the size of the objects. So far I always have to set this by hand and that costs not only unnecessary material, but also time, which I would rather use in the next objects. I have also learned that thin objects should not be removed from the bed immediately, because they can still warp. This is because the PLA (Polylactic acid) is still too soft and must first harden. Nevertheless, this time I needed only two days for the product design and the first printout. Unfortunately, there were a few days in between when I had to repair and re-level the 3D printer. This is also an exhausting activity, which I would like to minimize. Since I had worked in the 0.1 millimeter range, the lid fit 100% and does not fall out of the holder ring by itself. If you take the trouble to calculate everything exactly beforehand, you can save yourself unnecessary work in the end and speed up the design process considerably.


Inserting the matching lid into the ring was a very satisfying feeling. The installation is just as easy as with the cup holders, except that I have to use dowels to stabilize the screws on a stone wall. Except for the color, everything works as I had imagined. I’m also very happy with the round shape, because it’s different from the regular square shapes that the shelves have, even if they have to sacrifice stability. But since I only use very light models, there should be no problems with the weight. But I should do some more tests to be on the safe side. It is interesting that just one object leads to other objects and I find that quite exciting, because I can solve many small problems.


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