Hot Glue Gun Stand

Minimal Stand for my Atomic Hot Gun Project.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-10-06 | update: 2022-01-01


Especially when you’re a maker and implementing your first projects, you shouldn’t buy too expensive tools. Sometimes people buy the most expensive equipment and then realize that the hobby does not suit them after all. In the beginning, you should go to the Dollar store and buy the cheapest stuff you can find. For example, I bought a hot glue gun for $1.99. Even after a few years, I still haven’t bought a new one because that little red hot glue gun has served me well so far. There was only one thing that bothered me.


This hot glue gun was so badly designd that this had no legs from wire but from plastic. Wire legs are a bit cheaper, but you can put the hot glue gun down better. This design had two legs made of plastic, but they had no stability and with every little movement the hot glue gun fell on its side. Most of the time this is not so good, because the hot glue has to flow from top to bottom. I had then zurst played with the idea to print out a hot glue gun stand with my 3D printer, but then did not do that. All designs are super complex and consume a lot of filament and do not meet my requirements of minimalist design.


Actually I wanted to develop an interesting design, but somehow I didn’t like all my ideas. I had tried a design with half rings or with other elements. Whenever I had implemented a functional Foamcore model, I didn’t like it anymore after a few minutes. But that is part of the design process. You let your ideas, thoughts and concepts run free. Unlike a trained industrial designer, I work more like a fashion designer with a very free and sketchy style. I am a person who creates his drawings very quickly, because I have a very shortened design process.

After a few failed models, I came back to my standard scheme. Square. Clear forms. Super simple. Functional. In a way, it’s anti design and I love it. In my world, everything could be rectangular and symmetrical. The design does exactly what it is supposed to do, give stability to the little hot glue gun. I also had an idea for later that I’ve been working on along the way.


There were no problems with the completion of the first version. I’m learning faster and faster in Freecad, and measuring the dimensions took longer than converting the 3D model. I also switched from PrusaSlicer to SuperSlicer and was able to solve many problems at once. I recommend everyone to download the SuperSlicer, because it is in a good development. I only had to specify my 3D printer and all settings were 100% correct. I did not need the fine tuning and was able to save a lot of time and hassle. A very good working software.

As I have already described above, I work solution-oriented. I see a problem. Zack. Solution. Done. Since I have hundreds of small problems, I need hundreds of small solutions. In one week. This is not nice and every designer will turn up his nose, but I am not a real trained designer either. Besides, I love to work out cost-efficiently. Everyone has their own style, but still, you should learn the rules before you break them.

Version 2

You may remember that yesterday I described the great advantages of working quickly and having a short design process, but today I’ll talk about the disadvantages. When you put less emphasis on planning, you make more mistakes because you may have overlooked an important detail. This is ok for small components if you can quickly print or produce something new. For large projects with many modules, you should take more time. For example, I noticed that with the previous hot glue gun stand that housing of my hot glue can no longer take apart. I just glued that together on the two. That’s also what a design process is for, to find out and fix mistakes when using the prototype.

I then loaded the last version into Freecad and cut the component into two parts. In the middle, no millimeter of space was left, because it already fit before. So from a distance it looks like it’s still a single part, but it can be taken apart e.g. for a repair. If I had thought more intensively beforehand, I would have noticed this beforehand and would have saved time. But since I’m just starting to get into 3D printing anyway, this has been something good to learn. When I make my own mistakes, I can remember it better. Now I just had to remove the old part, which I had glued with superglue, from the hot glue gun. This is also a part of your job, to break projects apart again and you should not be afraid of this. This is also a part of the process to your hobby.


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