Bit Handle

A Small Handle for My unused Bits.

creator: x14km2d | build: 2021-10-11 | update: 2022-01-01


In recent days, I have again more busy with modeling, because I want to publish some articles here in the future. From this followed that I have also used more my hot glue gun. My first problem was that it did not stand very well, so I modeled a small Hot Glue Gun Stand in Freecad. I researched some videos on what I could optimize and a video from Adam and I noticed that my hot glue gun didn’t have an on/off switch. So far I just let the hot glue drip onto an old wooden board, but especially for larger projects it would be good if I could always switch the hot glue gun on and off. For this I only have to unscrew and look into the housing and that should be quite simple, right?


A spanner plotted screw in a red hot glue gun handle

This is not as easy as I thought. The housing of the hot glue gun is closed with six screws. Five with the familiar Phillips screws that you find everywhere. But one was unfortunately closed with a spanner plotted screw. This is a safety screw which actually means: Don’t open that! We don’t want that to be opened and you looking in there. This is our screw and only we open it! Hands off! Don’t do that! We have patents on that screw! etc. Big corporations are doing this more and more in recent years so that only they can repair their own hardware. Nintendo or smartphone manufacturers and also Apple, which is one reason why I will never buy a Mac Book myself. If I can’t fix something myself it’s worthless tech junk. Luckily I still had a bit in a very old toolbox, but unfortunately no suitable handler.

My normal solution would actually be the following. I log in to Amazon, look for the right handler, have it sent from China at horrendous Co2 costs by ship or mail. What costs me altogether much too much money, time and nerves. Or I simply build a bit handler in Freecad and print it out. This is the fastest and most comfortable solution. Since I have other bits in the size, I can also use them and if I resize the hexagon, which serves as a recess, I can also use all the other bits that I have in a drawer. Does the handler have a nice design? No Definitely not, because its a suckless philosophy bit handler created to do a single task. I use a spanner plotted screw every two to three years.


The bit handle is not a convenient tool and it is not meant to be. I can use it in an emergency to unscrew a spanner slotted screw and then throw the screw in the trash. I can understand if each company brings its own screw on the market, because then one is on the safe side with patents and design rights and saves legal trouble. I can also understand the concept of safety screws, but with a hot glue gun it is really not necessary. Technology is subject to an evolutionary law of nature. Things that simply work well and are clearly understandable to everyone will prevail in the long run.


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